Multiband Dynamic Effect


A new tool I have been using to create a much better mix and have found the worlds of effects is the Multi Band Compressor.

The Multiband Dynamics Effect from Ableton is an effective processing that takes audio and separates it into 3 bands. This can be helpful to see what is happening in the three bands.

I have been using Multiband in an Audio Effect rack. Basically, take an effect rack with 3 chains that have a multi band  in each. Then in each rack hit the

[S] solo button on each band. That way you have 3 separate channels with just those frequency ranges.

What this means is you can have different effects  on each unique band. That means putting a reverb in just the highs and keeping the bass clean, adding a chorus to the bass, and so on. With this tip, you can really start to dial in your effects on the frequencies you want.

Below is a free Multiband Effect Rack I made for you all to check out.Play around with it and comment on what you find. Just sign up and the download files will appear below.

Download Presets

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  1. patrico6 July 24, 2015 at 10:05 am - Reply

    my ableton says. device not possible in this version off ableton
    i have ableton live 9 lite btw. i also have a serial if i would need it

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