Ableton Live gave users a powerful tool to make and install Live Packs. A Live pack is basically a self contained Live Project that has all the files and racks found within it. It can be a great tool to share a track with a collaborator, buy new complex sound packs, or share instruments. This tutorial will run through how to install a Live Pack.

Here is a quick video on this, or the text walk through below itl. 

To install a live pack you can do one of two things. First would be to open Ableton Live 8 or 9. Then navigate to the File Menu. There you can choose “Install live pack” and then navigate through the browser to the pack you wish to install. Or you can double click any live pack to automatically open Ableton Live and start installing.


After that you will be asked to choose where to download the Set. It will then install all files and folders to this place. When it is done, the installation window will close and you will be left on the same blank set you started with. You must then navigate with the “File –> Open Live Set –> Where ever the set was downloaded” to open the sets found in the Pack.

When you open this set you can see the instruments, audio effects, or whatever else is in it.  I would also like to point out that you can have multiple Live Sets in one Live Pack. Lets say you have all your drums in one live set, and all the original instruments in another and so on. This can be great for collaboration with multiple versions of a track as well.

I have another note here for Live 9.05 users.  Live 9 sometimes only goes to 67%, or 80%, or even 50% and then closes the installation window. The files have actually completely downloaded, but for some reason it doesn’t go to the full 100%.

After you have downloaded your packs have fun using them!

I made a video on managing files in Live 9 that might be useful in understanding the differences in the library of live 8 and 9l.  Also check out my massive library of Ableton Live Packs for unique instruments, custom drum racks, Audio effects, and even my Live performance set.