Custom Push Python Scripts

 Ableton Push is an amazing out of the box solution. You can literally plug it into any computer with Ableton Live installed and it will works perfect.  If you want to take it a step further you can always hack the Push with custom scripts. The king of custom scripts is Native Kontrols. They are the group that made ClyphX, which is an amazing script for Ableton Live.  They also just came out with a new Python script for push.

This uses the “user” button on the push for custom settings. There are lots of improvements to workflow, writing, and performance. Below is an intro video on the PXT-Live for push.

My favorite feature so far is the Clip Play Mode. Clip Play Mode is a Polyphonic (8 Clips at a time) and Monophonic (1 Clip at a time) Clip Chopping and Loop Control. Also includes the ability to play Audio Clips chromatically. This makes it a really cool way to chop up your beats and make a cool arrangement. 

This custom script from Native Kontrols has a lot to offer, so check it out. It’s only $20 and totally worth it for the depth of what you get. Also check out my article on Clyphx to see the possibilities that open up with that. It’s a free script as well. 

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